Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Adventure Begins! (Originally posted 1/22/2012)

After a (mostly) uneventful drive from Plymouth (10 degrees), stopping for the night in "beautiful" Carney Point, NJ and somewhere in the middle of North Carolina, we made it to our first real destination, Savannah.

We did have our first Southern meal in Smithfield, NC at a place that was like a cross between a diner and a church social called Hoyt's Lake.  The people were all very nice, there were huge pitchers of sweet tea on the tables and they served up glasses of crushed ice.  The hush puppies, fried catfish and shrimp were awesome, but our cholesterol went up noticeably after that meal.  Savannah has been great with 60-70 degree weather (sorry to mention that to y'all in New England) and a beautiful state park campground that is so quiet and peaceful with Spanish moss hanging all around us.  We've taken a walking tour with a southern gentleman, eaten well and shaken out the trailer so we feel pretty at home in it.
Waterfront park in Savannah

We're leaving today for a week  in Woodbine GA, which is just on the border of Florida and near the Cumberland National Seashore--this used to be Carnegie's private island and the only access is by ferry.  We'll set up there and watch the game, stopping on the way at the "Georgia Pig" in Brunswick to pick up some famous bar-b-que.   Go Pats!