Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Friday, October 25, 2013

Plans Change

So our original plan was after leaving Nova Scotia we would drive to Quebec City, spend a few days there, then drive across Eastern Canada to re-enter the US in Detroit, then on to Chicago.  But when we left Judique, the forecast was getting ugly--frozen mix for several days, lows in the 20's and highs in the upper 30's across  Canada.  It didn't sound like what we wanted to be in.  So we called an audible on Tuesday and took a left turn onto I95 and re-entered the US in Maine and have been driving consistent 300+ mile days and have now (Friday) reached the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio and will get to Chicago tomorrow.
The Desert of Maine
We spent a night in Freeport, Maine at the Desert of Maine, then Wednesday night we got a KOA campground in New York near the Pennsylvania border.  Thursday night we were at Parker Dam State Park in Western PA (near the "highest point on Interstate 80 East of the Mississippi").  We woke this morning in a snow shower and were a bit concerned about driving through it, but the weather settled down and we had a beautiful drive through the mountains of PA and the flat plains of Ohio to land at another Harvest Host winery.

Trying to stay warm in Pennsylvania
Driving through the snow in western PA
Majestic Oak Winery is a real find!  Who knew there were wineries in Ohio?  This one has only been open 4 months and we are their second Harvest Host ( guests.  As luck would have it, tonight they are having a shindig with a food truck {"she has a full gourmet kitchen on that truck") a DJ coming at 8 and lots of wine to taste.  They are hoping to get the high school football crowd after the games (if you know anything about the midwest, they are BIG on high school football).  So instead of having leftover mashed potatoes, pasta in a doggie bag from last week and other odds and ends, we get shrimp quesidillas and Indian tacos (from a full blood Lakota, no less).

At Majestic Oak Winery in Ohio
Tomorrow it is a three-hour drive to Chicago and we get to spend two weeks hanging out with our son, Lucas, staying in his apartment in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and seeing Chicago.  We have a date with Keith Urban in Peoria on November 11th and from there it will be all South and West to stay ahead of winter.

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