Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, June 16, 2014


We have both loved bluegrass music for a long time (we had a bluegrass band at our wedding) and try to attend at least one or two bluegrass festivals every year.  Bluegrass is a happy kind of music and the crowds that attend these festivals are generally the most mellow you will find anywhere.  The vibe is just great, especially when the location is a beautiful outdoor venue like the Nevada County Fairgrounds.  We arrived on Wednesday and the music was scheduled to run from Thursday till Sunday.  There were already tons of campers and tents set up when we got there, but we managed to luck into an awesome spot right next to the pond.

A goose family were our neighbors

Sunset over the pond

Monday morning after most people had left
 The musicians were virtuosos, many of the younger ones were Berkeley (the Boston music college) graduates.  We heard some great bands like the Lonesome River Band, the Peter Rowan Band and Junior Sisk have been playing for 39 years or more.  Peter Rowan played with Jerry Garcia, Vassar Clemens and David Grisman in the iconic psychedelic hippie bluegrass band called Old and In the Way.

People waited in line at 7 AM to put their chairs in place

The venue was beautiful...a grassy meadow surrounded by huge pines

Junior Sisk getting into it

Of course, one of the joys of a bluegrass festival is the people watching!

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