Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Joshua Tree (revisited)

In our 3 years of travel, we have not often visited the same place twice.  San Diego and Palm Springs were two big exceptions and another is Joshua Tree National Park.  Last February, we spent a week camping in the park and loved it.  While in Palm Springs, we decided to take a day trip there just to experience the place again and (now that I am more serious about photography) and take some pictures.  We targeted the setting crescent moon as a great night to shoot and spent all day hiking and exploring.

We started out hiking to the Lost Horse mine, closed down in the 30's when the park was created. This 4-mile round trip brought us through some rugged desert with great views.  The mine itself was fenced off for safety reasons, but still looked cool.

After the mine hike, we ate our lunch and did a short walk to an old adobe dwelling that once housed the mine owners.  Only the walls still stand but they seem to blend with the colorful rocks all around them.

It was getting to be late afternoon, so we headed over to another area of the park, scouting for a place to watch and photograph the sunset with crescent moon.  Kind of silly, because Joshua Tree NP is a place where you could literally be air-dropped anywhere and it would be a scenic spot for pictures because of the rock formations and Joshua trees everywhere.  We landed at Hidden Valley, where the cattle rustlers of old used to hide their stolen goods.

Finally, the sunset with crescent moon and Venus did NOT disappoint!

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