Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Walk on the Wild Side with Talking Tree

One of the biggest rewards for me since becoming active on Instagram six months ago is the opportunity to meet and shoot with other photographers.  I joined an Instameet in San Diego and shot at night in the desert a few times with Dustin George in Phoenix.  But the most unusual and thrilling for me was the chance to meet and shoot with Nathan Cowlishaw (@talking_tree on IG) in Cedar City, Utah.  Nathan is an excellent photographer with a unique vision of the world and a vast knowledge of the desert, native American culture, UFOlogy and the southern Utah area.  We spent a morning with Nathan that he graciously gave us out of his busy schedule preparing for a four-month, 10,000-mile photo journey throughout the Southwest (check out

Nathan loves to shoot rural decay and the interaction of man and nature in his home area.  He took us 25 miles out a dirt road to see Lund, a decaying old railroad town that used to serve tourists going to Zion National Park before there were roads in there.  On the way out we saw a small antelope herd and a beautiful stark countryside very different from the national parks of the area.

When we got to Lund, we explored some abandoned homes and yards and talked to Nathan about his upcoming road trip and the UFO conference he is organizing for August.  He also took us to a strange spot with dead pig heads on fence posts. A very interesting man to say the least! I wish him well on his adventure and will follow his blog as he travels.

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