Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Death Valley!

Lynnae and I lived in California for about a combined 89 years and neither of us had been to Death Valley.  Everyone our age grew up watching "Death Valley Days" with the 20-mule-team Borax ads and I had pictures in my mind of vast sand dunes and salt flats, but the reality of this place is beyond what I expected.  First of all, the scale is HUGE and with no trees anywhere, the vistas are spectacular.  The lowest spot in the world (289 feet below sea level) surrounded by 11,000 foot mountains and a place where the skeleton of the earth is laid bare and the geologic processes are exposed like nowhere I have ever been.  As I write this, we've been in DV for a week (without internet, I should add), and I will get some blog posts done (probably after we leave the valley) that show some of the wonders we have seen.

Sand dunes with mountains behind--at sunset

Lynnae hiking a typical slot canyon in DV.  As you will see, some are so smooth you can drive through them!

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