Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Sunday, March 16, 2014

One more stop in Palm Springs

We had to attend to some medical appointments back in Palm Springs (thanks, Obamacare!) so we rented a space for a week at the Outdoor Resort, which was WAY more upscale than where we had been staying all winter (the Happy Traveler) and more upscale than our usual style.  It was fun and very comfortable and we met some nice people who come back here every year.

Outdoor Resort near Palm Springs

We also visited the Living Desert Zoo, which was pretty interesting.  The landscape design was fabulous and the grounds were beautiful, but zoos are always a little bit sad and this one was no exception.  It did have what must be the world's largest train set and some beautiful cats that did tricks.

We are off for Death Valley National park and very excited to visit there for the first time for both of us.  Here is a picture of a tourist trap in the desert on the way and of us stopped on the road leading into the park.

Tucker checking out the Mad Greek's sign

Not a lot of traffic headed to DV! You might just be able to see the yellow wildflowers.

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