Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bluegrass on the Beach--Lake Havasu

We always try to hit a couple bluegrass festivals every year and it worked out great that there were two within two months of each other in the Colorado River area.  So after we extricated ourselves from the Good Sam thing, we headed west and north to Lake Havasu on the California/Arizona border.  Not knowing what to expect, we were very pleasantly surprised.  Long loved by boaters for water skiing and partying, Lake Havasu was actually beautiful and the State Park we moved into for the festival was very nice and right on the beach.  We volunteered to help out and got free passes for the festival (works out to about minimum wage, I think) and heard some really great bands--Blue Highway and Junior Sisk among others.  I also found some time to shoot some of the highlights--sunsets on the lake and the London Bridge (an actual 1831 bridge over the River Thames that American billionaire Robert McCulloch bought and had reassembled over a canal dug for that purpose on a penninsula).

Lake Havasu has 4 memorial lighthouses. This one is about 20 feet tall and doesn't really protect sailors at sea.

The Bill Johnson National Wildlifve Refuge, just south of Lake Havasu.
My last Saguaro cactus shot for a while :-(
London Bridge.  He thought he was buying the bridge with the towers until this one showed up. Too late to get his money back.
Midnight pickin' and singin' by the beach
Like most things in Lake Havasu City, the beach is fake too--they have to truck in the sand

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