Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zion National Park

Leaving Valley of Fire, we finally made it into Utah.  Having planned this spring circuit for several months, it is fun to finally get to the focus of the first part of 2015.  We will be spending two months in Utah, visiting the five major national parks and several national monuments and state parks. The diversity and beauty of the Colorado Plateau is unique in America and we planned to see much of it--though the vast distances and remoteness of much of the area (as well as the impossibility of driving our trailer on most of the unimproved roads) means we will barely scratch the surface in the time we have.  But we plan to make the most of it!

We have heard from many people we've met in our travels that Zion is their favorite national park, and I can see why.  The vast scope of Zion Canyon, the colors and forms of the rocks and the unique influence of the Virgin River all make this a very special place.  I found it hard to photograph and hard to love.  I guess some places resonate more than others and Zion was not my favorite place.  We had fun there, great hikes and got some nice pics, but the crowds were distracting and the sheer verticalness of it was kind of intimidating.  I do have to say that the Angels Landing hike was an experience to remember and I will do a separate post on that experience soon!

Zion Canyon and the Virgin River

On the Emerald Pools Trail
Canyon walls reflected in the Middle Emerald Pool
The Watchman--iconic mountain that was looming right over our campsite
Angels Landing.  More on this amazing hike in a future post.

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