Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The world famous Station Inn with face-melting guitar update!

Three times the size of your living room, full of mismatched tables and chairs, painted black from floor to ceiling and wallls covered with bluegrass festival posters from 50 years. Every bluegrass great from Bill Monroe on down has played here...dozens of times.
Tonight it's 18 South, a local band that defies categorization. Jazz, bluegrass, blues, even a version of Woodstock, all make up their repertoire. Outstanding musicianship, virtuoso actually, with two bluesy singers, electric guitar, electric piano, string bass, acoustic guitar and drums. Not the usual Station Inn lineup, but outstanding...and a packed house. These guys obviously.have a rep in Nashville.

Here is a quick video I took of their HOT guitar player:


After the show I did a little research on 18 South and was impressed with what I found.  They really are a local hot ticket.  Check out this YouTube video of them on Bluegrass Underground on PBS.  Their guitar player, Guthrie Trapp is a legend here and you can see why starting at 3:00 on the video:

We're going to see Guthrie Trapp at least two more times before we leave.

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