Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, November 5, 2012

Timejumpers at 3rd and Lindsley

3rd and Lindsley is a great music venue several blocks south of the Lower Broadway honky tonk strip.   They being in alternative rock, singer-songwriters, country and on Monday nights, a Western Swing band called the Timejumpers.  This is a band made up of some of the best studio musicians in Nashville (and that's saying something!).  These guys are tight and hot and we were lucky that tonight they were joined by Vince Gill, long time country legend, 30+ Grammy winner and all around nice guy.  We saw Vince in Boston last year and loved him and we have tickets to see him again in Florida in January.  He is a hot guitar player, great singer and has written some of the sweetest country songs of all time like this one:

Anyway, the Timejumpers were great and we had another fun night on the town in Music City!

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