Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Palm Springs

Happy New Year, everybody!

Well, it has been about three weeks since our last blog update and I apologize to all our fans and followers for that hiatus.  Between the holidays and sloughing off the affects of two non-stop months and about 6,000 miles of travel, we have just been recharging our batteries.  We have settled nicely into our little space at the Happy Traveler's RV Park along with about 200 other refugees of colder weather.  We have explored some of Palm Springs on foot, on our bikes and driving and have found it to be a fabulous area to hang out.  Great restaurants, a fine art museum, an internationally acclaimed film festival, beautiful mountains and canyons for hiking...oh, and great weather, too.  We miss the Gulf beaches and of course our other Florida snowbird friends, but Palm Springs has a lot to offer our travel-weary bones.  We'll put up a few more posts to catch up on some of our doings over the next day or so.

View over Palm Springs looking East from the hill above our park showing our "campground"
Lounging by the pool just after Christmas

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