Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, July 14, 2014

An update from Lynnae

Hi everyone, this is Lynnae (for a change).

We are about to end our stay in Lake Tahoe and head to the Bay Area for a few weeks (without the trailer) to visit old friends and family. Our month in Lake Tahoe has been wonderful. It is a beautiful area with lots to do and very dog friendly. It’s so refreshing to swim in clear, clean water and hike to vistas overlooking Lake Tahoe and other glacier formed lakes. Tucker has proven to be quite the retriever and will not stop until forced when going after his water toy. He usually announces loudly in his beagle howl/bark that he wants to do it again, and again, and again.

Looking back a month or so to Auburn, we had planned to have dinner with Susan and Tony Freitas, fellow Waldorf School parents. It was going to be a small dinner with another couple as well. When we got there, they had tables set for many more than that! They wouldn’t tell us who else was coming so it was a very pleasant surprise to greet everyone who came. When Jeff and Lucas attended the Live Oak Waldorf School, we spent a lot of time volunteering and socializing with these folks, mostly parents who had children in our son’s classes. Here’s a picture of the women; most of us were involved in creating and running the school store.

Pualine Callaghan, Ruthann Jahoda, Lisa Johnson, Susan Freitas, Joan Stockbridge, Gina Johnson, Barbara Wauters, Lynnae
The Live Oak Waldorf School is situated on a beautiful piece of property.  This is the amphitheater where we attended the Rose Ceremony:  the graduating first grade students give a rose to the graduating eighth grade students (the reverse happens at the beginning of the school year).
Life Oak Waldorf School Rose Ceremony
It was grand finding out where each of the children are now and what paths they have taken. It was also grand to find out what these parents are doing. (When you’re in Sacramento, check out Metrojuice currently offered at farmers’ markets. Unique, delicious, yummy mixes of vegetables, fruits and herbs.)
Then it was off to Grass Valley for the annual CA Bluegrass Association’s festival. What a great venue and setting!

At last we arrived in Lake Tahoe and stayed at Meeks Bay Campground. Tony and Susan (and labs Beaux and Amy) came for a few days which overlapped with visits from Jeff and Lucas. We missed not having S&T’s son, Nick, with us (Nick was in Jeff’s Waldorf class). The beach was walking distance so we used their kayaks and played with the dogs in the water.

Tony and Susan Freitas, Labs Amy and Beaux on the shores of Lake Tahoe
Tony, Lab Beaux, Susan, Lab Amy, Jeff, Denis, Lucas
Lucas and Tucker on the beach at Meeks Bay
Jeff at Crag Lake, a wonderful hike
After two weeks, we moved to a beautiful campground at Fallen Leaf Lake very near South Shore, Lake Tahoe. We’ve hiked, gambled at the casinos in Stateline, swam, kayaked and generally hung out in this beautiful area. Susan & Tony came again to visit, as well as Keith & Mary and Joanie & Jack. Fun!!
Our retrieving Tucker at Fallen Leaf Lake

Jack Ciardelli and Susan Freitas
Tony Freitas, Denis, Joanie Ciardelli

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