Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mammoth Caves, Kentucky

A two-hour drive from LaGrange took us to Mammoth Caves National Park where we planned to spend a couple days exploring the cave and camping in a nicer setting than a Walmart parking lot.

The park was beautiful with fall color and the campground was nice and pretty empty.  We enjoyed the cave tours and walking around the trails.  Mammoth Cave has 390 miles of charted tunnels all jumbled in a 7-mile wide by 400 foot deep area.  Think of a bowl of spaghetti and that's what Mammoth Cave looks like.  It is mostly a dry cave, so not many stalactites/stalagmites, but we did see some neat flow stone and several formations.  Some of the tunnels are over 40 feet high and twice as wide, while other places a person has to crouch or wiggle sideways to get through.   Much history here from before 1800 when it was rediscovered.  Traces of human activity go back 6000 years.  Overall a very interesting place.  We even did a lantern tour where the only light was from ten lanterns carried by some of the tour group.  That was very cool.

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