Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Friday, October 26, 2012

LaGrange Kentucky

We stopped for the night at this little town because it had a Walmart where we could camp for the night.  We found that (besides a Walmart) it had a quaint little three-block downtown that uniquely had a railroad running through it--litterally!  About 30 times a day, freight trains run down the middle of Main Street, about 10 feet from the stores and restaurants on either side.

We had dinner at the best restaurant in town and it was very homey and super friendly.  We hoped a train would go by while we were eating, but sadly none did.  We hung around and walk a bit hoping a train would come by, but we ended up leaving before we saw one.  The next morning we came in for coffee, hoping to see a train and we did see the tail end of one just leaving town as we parked.   We lingered over our coffee for an hour, then left feeling like the trains of LaGrange were an unfinished chapter in our trip.

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