Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yosemite Falls

When I was reviewing my pictures from our four-week stay in Yosemite, I kept seeing pictures of Yosemite Falls.  We hiked and biked all around the valley and the surrounding cliffs and trails, and from nearly every vantage point, there was Yosemite Falls.  Cascading from a height of 2,425 feet, it is the highest falls in the continental US, and I think it is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Changes in the light and the wind and the viewing angle all affect how the falls appear.  In a full moon from certain angles it is possible to photograph a "moonbow" which can barely be seen with the naked eye but can show as a huge double rainbow over the falls in a time exposure photograph--but that will have to wait for another trip :-(

I thought I would assemble my favorite shots of the falls from this trip and put them in one post, so here you go!

View from the south rim near Taft Point

Another view closer to Sentinal Dome

From the trail to the base of the falls

A different angle near the base

View from the trail to the top...really loud here!

View from a meadow in the valley

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