Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Miami Beach (February 11)

Espanola Way
It was going to be a long drive from Titusville to Key West, so we broke it up into two days and after driving much of Saturday afternoon, we spent the night “dry camping” in a county park near Miami.   We drove into Miami Beach and had a great time people-watching, eating Cuban food and exploring the streets.  We found a historic street that was very lively with restaurants and pedestrians, called Espanola Way.   Having already eaten dinner, we settled for a Gelato and a walk back to the car.  We were disappointed that we never found a salsa club to try our limited salsa skills among the masters, but we were excited about the next day’s drive—down the Overseas Highway, following the route of Henry Flagler’s Overseas Railway to Key West.

We liked it so much, we returned with Lucas on February 20.

Our stay that night was at beautiful Easterlin County Park near Ft. Lauderdale. We then headed west to Fort Myers, crossing the state just above and through the Everglades.

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