Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, December 22, 2014

Instagram Instameet

For a year, my son Jeff had been telling me I had to get on Instagram to showcase my photos.  I had an account but I didn't use it--didn't see the point.  Finally, back in October I started posting pictures there and "following" other people whose pictures I liked.  It was fun.  Long story short, I got hooked.  Now I spend some time each day posting a few pictures and looking at a LOT of pictures by some fantastic photographers.  I have learned a tremendous amount doing this and I think my photography continues to improve. For any of you on Instagram, my username is "@denis.p.leblanc".

This past weekend, I took it up a notch.  Some local Instagramers, who met using the site, were having an "Instameet" in San Diego to shoot pictures together.  Lynnae and I decided to check it out, not knowing what to expect.  We showed up at the first of two meeting times/places only to find at least 40 photographers gathered around, some from over a hundred miles away!  People were friendly and I got to know a few.  The sunset was a bust, so L. and I went off to shoot at a different location and grab some dinner.  I left her at a nice restaurant to draw and drink wine while I went back out to wander downtown San Diego at night with about 30 Instagramers.  It was very fun and I met a few more people.  I got to talk shop with folks and get advice.  Some nice pictures came out of it below.  I will hopefully be able to do this again somewhere on our future travels.

Coronado Bridge at sunset
The historic Santa Fe train station in San Diego
Steel wool spinning at the waterfront

LED spinning underneath a sculpture
The pedestrian bridge to Petco Park baseball stadium
Another shot of the bridge to Petco Park
Entrance to San Diego's Gaslamp District with light trails from the brightly-lit pedicabs that swarm the area

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