Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We Visit Ocean Beach

I wanted to go over to the coast to shoot the sunset one night, so we randomly picked Ocean Beach (in San Diego proper, but a distinct neighborhood) out of the numerous coastal areas to choose from.  I got some nice shots on the shore, but the real prize was Ocean Beach itself.  I am sure it isn't as quirky as Venice Beach up by LA, but it definitely had a culture to itself. I loved the International Hostel building on the main street, as it really captured the spirit of Ocean Beach.:

We ate with the locals at a middle eastern restaurant and walked around looking at the lights and avoiding the ubiquitous skateboarders.  By the way, these aren't 13-year-old kid skateboarders, these are 40-something-year-old men with chestnut brown tans, no shirts and long hair. The sunset was just kind of middling but the beach and sandstone bluffs are beautiful and the pier is huge with a cafe at the end.  They are predicting the coming storm will bring waves that could reach or cover the pier tomorrow.

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