Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, December 13, 2014

R & R in San Diego

Well, not completely rest and relaxation (isn't that what R & R means?).  We are having our main living room/kitchen/dining room floor replaced with new vinyl and carpet, we are shopping for Christmas, we are doing some spruce up and housecleaning on the trailer and we are doing our share of hanging out.

This park we call home this month is simply amazing.  The birds here are varied and abundant.  I've counted at least 6 species of duck and there are many herons, egrets, coots, cormorants and osprey. We saw our first flock of white pelicans today.  There are seven lakes, all connected, that are the final treatment for about 500,000 gallons of reclaimed water per day.  A stream runs behind our trailer much of the time. There are a fair amount of snowbirds here and a few activities like pot lucks, coffee socials, etc. We met a couple from Massachusetts who spend winters here and summers in Springfield.  Here are some random pictures of our surroundings and some more feathered neighbors.

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