Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Last Visit to Weaverville

The day before we left the Trinity Alps, we headed back down to Weaverville for an art fair they were having.  The fair itself turned out to be underwhelming, but we enjoyed hanging around the town, talking to folks and having some lunch at Mama Llama's, the local hangout.

This fellow was from Quebec and he looked REALLY stoned
Both the dog and owner had incredible blue eyes
This fellow was walking his pig down the sidewalk. Even in Weaverville this seemed to be a bit unusual.
Joe did nice beadwork and was very friendly
We never talked to this guy, but his Native American crafts were beautiful
Mamma Llama had coffee and 250 kinds of beer...great salads too
Another Mamma Llama patron relaxing and escaping the heat today
Weaverville is still a big logging town.  This HUGE pile of logs was right on Main St. near the grocery store.

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