Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trinity Alps

The Trinity Alps are a fairly remote mountain range up in Northwestern California.  This part of the state is much less-frequently visited than the Sierra Nevada mountains, being a couple hours further from the Bay Area population centers.  And they are incredibly beautiful.  We are camped at a National Forest campground near Trinity Lake and except for two nights when there were one or two other campers, we have been completely by ourselves here, not even a camp host on site!  We did a hike our first full day here and saw one couple on the trail the entire day, and this was supposed to be one of the most popular trails in the area.  There are several wilderness areas up here in addition to the Trinity Alps, there are the Marble Mountains, Russian Wilderness and Yolla Bolly Wilderness. All are best for backpackers because the mountains are steep and roads are few, so it can be a long steep walk to reach the high country and the true "Alps".  We did find some trails to explore and will report on these in the next few days.  Our first hike was up Swift Creek.  No lake that we could reach, but the creek itself was so beautiful and clear green that it was very rewarding.

Entering the wilderness area
The forest up here is incredibly green and thick!
The trail wound above the creek and we had a great view of this pretty waterfall. The water was really that green!
Our destination--the footbridge over Swift Creek
Multicolored rocks and cascading water

A nap in the sun after lunch

Tucker was there too

Did I say the water was really clear and green?
Hmmm.  Why are all Lynnae's clothes on the shore?  Where could she be? Wow, that water is COLD!

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