Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weaverville Farmer's Market

Being in California, where about 50% of the fruits and vegetables grown in the US are from, you get used to getting great produce in the supermarkets.  But like in New England or anywhere else, it is in the farmer's markets where you can find the really great stuff.  We happened to pick farmer's market day to visit the nearest town of Weaverville, founded in 1850 (which doesn't sound like long ago to our New England friends, but in California terms, it is pretty old).  Weaverville is a logging, mining  and forest service town that now depends on tourism to a great extent to drive the economy.  In other words, it is a home to many rednecks and mountain folk, and it is also a hippie enclave that feels like a time capsule of the 60's.  The farmer's market was a great place to take in the local scene.
The farmer's market was in a meadow right on the highway through town.  Logging trucks were constantly going by. There was a live band playing too.

These folks sold many kinds of peppers, dried herbs and tomatoes.

The produce was beautiful, inexpensive ($1/pound for the heirloom tomatoes for example) and varied.  We bought lots and also some locally grown organic beef that we cooked up in our slow cooker today.  It was awesome!

We saw more tie-dye that day than we have in 20 years!
 Everyone was super nice and we had lots of conversations with the vendors.  We both got chair massages and we look forward to going back on Saturday for the arts festival, featuring a blues band and lots of local artists doing demonstrations.  Fun stuff!

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