Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Sunday, November 16, 2014

On to Morro Bay

We continue our trek south for the winter by driving just a short 35 miles down to the wonderful fishing town of Morro Bay. We are camped at Morro Bay State Park, which is right across the road from the bay, which is a long estuary separated from the open ocean by a long spit of sand dunes. Morro Bay is a great place to visit on a lot of dimensions.  It is a real working fishing harbor and you can see the fishing boats unloading fish and watch them motor out of the bay.  The local seafood restaurants have VERY fresh fish and the road along the bay, called the Esplanade, is just the right amount of funky/tacky to make it fun but not so much to make your eyes sore from rolling them too much.

This is a submarine for rescuing people from a disabled big submarine.  It sits in a parking lot along the Esplande on the site of the future maritime museum being planned.
Also along the water is the Skateboard Museum.  Skateboarding was basically invented in Southern California, but I never found out why the museum is in Morro Bay.  Fun stop for a few minutes.
Fishing boat with Morro Rock in the background.

Feeding a California Sea Lion

The big feature in town is "the Rock", Morro Rock.  This is a volcanic cone, one of several up the valley behind the town.  It is almost 600 feet high and sits at the mouth of the bay.  It is quite impressive and is visible from almost everywhere downtown.  It tends to find itself in a lot of pictures.

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