Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wine Country

As we headed out of Morro Bay, we saw this sight and had to stop.  I spoke to the owner of this avocado farm and found out he had cut all his trees back to save them from dying from the drought. They should live about three years with little water and will come back fast if we get good rains this winter.  They have about 27,000 trees and many are still in production.  We bought some of the best-tasting avocados we've ever had.

About 35 miles inland from Morro Bay is Paso Robles (PASS-oh ROW-bulls to the local rednecks, PAH-so RRRRROW-blez if you can actually speak Spanish).  Paso is the center of the central coast wine production area, which is booming.  Named the top wine production region in the world by some, it is at least a very popular one.  The locals like to say it is like Napa Valley thirty years ago. In many ways, that is true--smaller crowds, more relaxed tasting, spectacular scenery in a hilly classic California setting. There are about 250 wineries in this area and the wine is quite good.  The town of Paso itself is beautiful and clean with a huge town green and a small downtown dominated by restaurants, wine tasting, olive oil tasting and more wine tasting.

This barn is on the site of the winery we stopped at for tasting.  It has been a working ranch since the late 1800s, a winery for about 20 years.
Lynnae is great at spotting interesting things for me to photograph as I drive.  I am so glad she caught this truck along the road.

As we drove back home, the sun was just setting and the heritage oaks along the road were spectacular!


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