Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A hike up Tuttle Canyon

After four nights camping among the rocks of the Alabama Hills, we decided to move.  The main driver was needing to get internet access and getting tired of feeding the meter at the Lone Pine espresso palace--our bladders just couldn't take any more coffee!  So we pulled in our slide-outs and battened down the hatches and moved three miles south and closer to the mountains in a Bureau of Land Management campground called Tuttle Creek.  Not only did we get 4G and cell coverage, but we found fabulous fishing right in the creek that runs through the campground and were also treated to some fabulous 360-degree views.

Our new campsite!
So now we've had trout three times this week (I claim no credit for this, Lynnae is the fisher-person, but I did clean some of them!)  As some of you who follow us know, fish tacos are somewhat of a theme and a purpose for our travels and tonight we had perhaps the best yet--trout tacos!
Trout tacos and beer....yummm
A few days ago we hiked up our little creek into the mountains above.  We went about 8 miles round trip and climbed from our 5,000 foot level to about 7,500.  It was spectacular, and Tucker loved it too!

Taking a break

View of the distant peaks (about 14,000 ft.)

Looking back toward the Owens Valley and Lone Pine

We got close!

Headed home

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