Travels with Tucker

Travels with Tucker

Monday, April 7, 2014

Night sky

My interest in photography has been steadily growing as I get further from my "working" life and we fall deeper into this traveling life. We are seeing so many wonders that I have to try to capture the essence, the feelings that these places evoke.  So I've had my Canon DSLR for about three years now and 95% of the pictures I've taken are with the camera set on P (full "auto").  I have been really clueless about how to use the literally hundreds of combinations of settings that this camera has.  Finally, I downloaded a full users' guide for the camera and have spent the last couple weeks, starting in Death Valley, learning how it all works and trying to use more of its capabilities.  And today I downloaded some software from Adobe (Lightroom) that will let me organize, correct and enhance the photos I've taken, so stay tuned for some improvements and hopefully some links to more of my photo libraries for those who want to see more than just the few shots I put on the blog posts.

All that is by way of introduction to these shots.  I have been awestruck by the effect of the moon lighting on the snow-covered mountains near us and have been working on capturing that.  I finally have some that do these beautiful nights justice.

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